The society in which we live in today has a high awareness of the food we consume and put into our bodies. From this understanding, the Yummy Vegan Burger Restaurant was established, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Yummy produces various types of patties and meals whose ingredients, in their entirety, are directly and transparently transmitted to customers. A vegan burger is a great solution not only for vegans, but for people who are reluctant to eat processed food.  A vegan burger could be seen as a “quick fix” for people who desire to eat a “junky meal” while maintaining a healthy lifestyle due to its higher nutritional value.
The Yummy Vegan Burger brand maintains a transparent approach which encourages customers to reduce their meat consumption. From this approach the Yummy Vegan Burger maintains an open dialogue with its customers.  This approach applies even outside the actual restaurant’s boundaries.
In order to communicate the brand’s transparent approach and values in the most efficient and direct way to the customer, the design was conveyed with the use of certain tables and colors, influenced by the world of infographics. Due to such transparency, the brand was designed in a minimalistic and modern manner in order for the customer to comprehend clearly its main principles – Health, Science, a precise calculation and to always keep a straight forward approach.
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