As a young kid, I was fortunate to travel the world a lot with my family. From road trips in an RV in the US, to weeks long sailing in the Mediterranean Sea, my family and I would always explore the cultures we would encounter on our travels. I have always had a fascination with these differences between cultures and the unique point of view and nuances each culture developed. I would always have a sort of camera with me, starting with a toy camera in my “Gameboy” to my first professional camera I bought at age 15. 
That is when I started taking this world more seriously, taking professional courses and reading about famous photographers and the history of photography.

That exploration led me to the world of visual communication, and that is why I chose to study this subject. I am now on my third year in the Visual Communication major in Shenkar College.
Beyond my love for the aesthetics and practical use of visual communication design, I love the fact that it allows me to have meaningful, profound interactions with people and to motivate people to think differently about things. I therefore focus on works that inspire new thought and insights.

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