"Blend" is a vitamin brand that aims to raise awareness to the complexity of the Transgender experience. These vitamins are designed for the main, regular shelfs of any pharma store, in order to raise awareness right at the front of the store. The content is similar to vitamins taken during a sex transformation process but can still be used for many other uses, like the generic “curcumin pills” that is taken by many people as a daily supplement.
The product isn’t different in its content so that purchasing it instead of the same vitamin in a different design is an act of support of the process.
The packing design is inspired by societies current view of Transgender. The purple colors come from a combination of the fixative gender colors – blue and pink. The typography on the package is spaced all over the products and only with a deep look can you understand what is written, just like the process itself that requires a deep and thoughtful look in order to understand.
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