This project is built out of four different formats that were developed base on “A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again” by David Foster Wallace.
The project is a physical portray of the eBay shopping experience.
While browsing the site’s many items, I have learned about the way the seller chooses to display his own items. 

I chose to focus on four sellers, three from eBay that the way they show their merchandise drew me especially. The fourth is a store I built for David Foster Wallace as the store I think he would have had were he to sell on eBay, based on the very text the entire project is based on.
While browsing eBay, I did not only find a vast array of object and sellers but also of cultures and perspectives which I found as intriguing. This led me into a visual exploration of the online consumption culture, trying to bring that experience into a physical magazine, designed according to the relevant seller and his style. 

All Photographs were taken from the eBay sellers’ pages without and editing. The objects are real and are for sale on the website.
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