Object design and brand identity-
In the age we live in, our daily routineĀ are full of chores and stimuli.
The screens and social networks have become an integral part of our lives and it's accompanies us every moment of the day, non-stop. In the past we used to go out into the open air, play and walk in nature. All of these allowed us to stop the continuous activity of our busy day and concentrate on ourselves. Today, the task time mixes with our free time and finding a balance between work and life has become an almost impossible task.
The increasing difficulty produces a mental and emotional load at intensities we have not encountered before.
It is difficult today to find a moment of silence, where we can stop, disconnect from the screen and concentrate with ourselves.

Inspired by the soothing act of pulling the nostalgic Jumping Jack toy we had in our rooms as children, We have created MONO. A handmade, natural shaped wooden object that offers each house member a chance to pause their busy day, take an off-screen moment and connect with yourself.

The shapes, colors and materials were taken from nature as a source of inspiration for a peaceful, calm and uninterrupted place.
This project was made in collaboration with Tal Nistor

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