GoodDay is a fresh, social, ecological juice brand, making juices from deformed and “ugly” fruits and vegetables. 75% of the world’s garbage are deformed fruits and vegetables, thrown away due to their look while still having the same nutritional value as the non deformed.
GoodDay collects these fruits and vegetables and makes them into healthy and nutritious juices and that is how it helps the world.
Unfortunately, we live in a society that people that look different or have “deformities”, as seen by others, are treated poorly, and are many times excluded from the mainstream just like the fruits and vegetables. By putting these fruits in the center of the brand, GoodDay hopes to deliver a message to the world – accepting the different.
The products and graphic elements are designed in a fresh, fashionable and colorful way in order to make the brand topical and desirable for young people, the target audience where we want to raise awareness to accepting the different
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