Project inspired by an object.
I am part of the first generation in my family born in Israel, my father was born in Egypt. My grandfather was a jeweler in Egypt and when the Jews were deported, he tried to keep with him as many valuable objects as possible so that he could support his family in the unknown future they were facing. They were sent on ships to Paris, where my grandfather tried to continue with his jewelry, and after 6 hard years they were finally able to come to Israel. He passed away 10 years ago, and we found in his house many items he kept from Egypt and France, each representing a different part of his fascinating story.
The item that I choose is the most special item in my onion – it is a handmade scroll of Purim, one of the most important Jewish holidays.
This project is made of two parts. First, a take-off to the object on my twin sisters face. This abstraction on her face represents us, the first generation in Israel that is built on the heritage of our family, of jewel trading. The makeup was done by me and on her face are over 80 original Swarovski jewels.
The second part is a DIY kit to a precious scroll my grandfather had. It is meant to show how the world forgot to take good care of I valuable artifacts. The kit is made from cheap and simple materials that can be used to create a quick replica of the scroll. The original scroll is one of a kind and hand made so the contrast between the two represents the generational difference in perception. Of the shift from unique and rare items into cheap mass generic production. From hand-made items into mass printing of items.
Try to think if you were deported from your own home and could only take a handful of items, what would it be?

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